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Mike Kinsey

Mike Kinsey

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Keeping ‘fit to fight’ as well as keeping fit at home!

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Mike is one of our Essex Personal Trainers with an extensive Army background, PT experience and a range of qualifications to help you reach your goals.
He joined the British Army in 2000 and served until September 2012. Whilst serving for this period of time as an Infantryman he was at the forefront of all conflicts including Afghanistan and Iraq.
Whilst on these tours he learnt the importance of keeping ‘fit to fight’ as well as keeping fit at home. Through fitness the body finds happiness and you remain sharp and ready for working purpose and through doing this it inspired those around him to do the same. Subsequently he was selected to train the Army as a ‘Physical Training Instructor’, getting soldiers ready for 6 month tours of duty and also combat. During this time he worked on remedial training programmes for those unable to keep at the peak of their fitness, as well as training those who had injuries and going through rehabilitation.
Through all these experiences and also more recently working with civilian clients, Mike has a wide range of knowledge on how to adapt to every potential clients needs, whether it be a top athlete trying to beat personal bests, or someone completely new to fitness wanting to set goals in the future.
During his time as a PTI, he was also selected to train recruits wishing to become soldiers in the British Army. This required him to produce and deliver a 4 month fitness training programme for the recruits in fitness to be able to meet the required standard to be a combat effective operative. This also meant they had to achieve a satisfactory ‘pass’ on all fitness assessments.

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