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Boot camps...Group personal training sessions for all fitness levels

Boot Camps in Essex.


What is a boot camp?

Boot camps are known by many differing names including body boot camps, military fitness, military boot camps, army boot camps and weight loss camps. These fitness camps are becoming extremely popular across the Essex region as they not only cater for people at varying levels of fitness but it also allows to meet new people and socialise whilst undertaking a strict outdoor fitness program tailored to their individual needs.
Boot camps for fitness are designed to help clients improve their cardiovascular fitness as well as increase muscle strength and endurance.   Optimum PT and our personal trainers in Essex use a wide variety of techniques including of circuit based exercises and obstacles to help our clients achieve a completely balanced workout whilst helping to improve flexibility and prevent injuries caused by incorrect exercise.
Our boot camps across the Essex region are guaranteed to challenge you on many levels both in terms or your mind and your body as our personal trainers have come straight from the Military and are ex Army soldiers. We work hard but play harder to ensure our clients have fun but also get the most out of every session they attend. These one hour sessions keep you contently moving and active so you maximize the results you are getting and the great thing is you are doing it as part of a group so there is always someone there to help spur you on.
Boot camps are perfect for those who are looking for a cost effective way to jump-start their personal training regime whilst working closely with a fully qualified personal trainer. Our group boot camps are spread over four weeks with three sessions per week and you receive a nutritional program as well as an individual progress report.   For an extra incentive we also offer discounted sessions when you bring your friends along too.
For more information about our personal training services or to see the profiles of our personal trainers please feel free to take a look around our website. If you have any questions you can visit our contact page or email info@personal-trainer-essex.com and we will be happy to help you.

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