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Accreditations – Personal Training Certification

We know how important it is to find a certified trainers with personal training certifications. Here at Optimum PT we only employ certified personal trainers, fitness trainers as well as strength and conditioning specialists in Essex.
Progression is not only something we instil into our clients but its also something we believe very strongly in ourselves. Even though our personal trainers have a wealth of knowledge, experience and personal training certifications we are always looking to expand this through exploring exercise trainer, physical trainer and group fitness certifications that become available in the industry.
All of our trainers hold at least one certificate in personal training with the majority being trained to the industry standard ‘level 3 personal trainer’. However, one or more of our advanced trainers based in Essex also hold further certifications in general fitness, boxing coaching as well as a number of other areas which you can see listed below:

QUALIFICATIONS - Click to expand
If you feel there are any unanswered questions you may have or would simply like to speak to someone about how Optimum PT can help you then visit our contact page or email info@personal-trainer-essex.com. Alternatively, take a look around our website as there is a wealth of informaiton available about our team, our services and our approach.

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